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Medical Customer Care Information

At Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), we offer a medical customer care information service to customers who are dependent on life supporting electrical equipment. Being on the register means you will receive up to date information by phone during a power cut or a planned interruption:

  1. You can provide us with details of a relative, neighbour or friend as an alternative, if we are unable to make direct contact with you. Please make the nominated person aware you have given us their name.
  2. We will write to you on an annual basis to confirm your details. If your circumstances change in the meantime please contact us with your updated information.
  3. Our register is confidential and customers details will be kept private and only nominated NIE Networks' staff will have access to the information.
  4. Please ensure that you provide a contact number for a mobile phone or a handset that is not operated by electricity.

How can I join the medical customer care information register?

  1. To join our medical customer care service please register online
  2. You can also download a medical customer care registration form [2MB PDF] and return it to us by post

What should I do if I experience a power cut?

  1. In the event of a power cut please contact our customer helpline 03457 643 643.
  2. If you are registered for our medical customer care your call will be given priority.
  3. You will either speak directly to a call advisor or, if all our call advisors are busy taking calls, we will phone you back.
  4. We will then contact you regularly during the power cut with up-to-date information.
  5. This will help you make an informed decision so that you can make alternative arrangements, contact your health professional or call 999.

How can I prepare for an unplanned power cut?

  1. Find out how your medical equipment operates. If you are unsure ask your health professional.
  2. Make sure your battery back-up is always fully charged.
  3. You may want to consider a temporary move in the case of a prolonged powercut.
  4. Ensure that you provide a contact number for a mobile phone or a handset that is not operated by electricity.

What happens during a planned power cut or interruption?

Sometimes we need to turn off power to carry our work as part of our ongoing maintanence programme. If we are scheduling work, we will contact you at least three days beforehand and inform you of the expected duration of the interruption.