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Register for our medical care service

At Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), we offer a medical care service to customers who are dependent on life supporting equipment.

Find out more about our medical care register here.

If you use electrical equipment that is vital to your health please register with us to receive up-to-date information during a power cut or interruption to your supply.

Please provide details of the person who is dependant on electrical equipment:
Nominated contact number - this is the number our systems will recognise when you report a power cut by phone (please ensure your telephone handset does not require electricity):
Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) - a unique 11 digit number used to identify your address (you may find your MPRN on your electricity bill or by contacting your supplier):
Carer details - you can provide details of a relative, neighbour or friend who we will contact in the event of a power cut (please inform your nominated carer that you have given us their details):
Equipment details, please select equipment used *:

Retype the numbers below:
 Security code