At NIE Networks, we're continually investing in our network to provide a more robust and reliable service for all our customers.

In this section, we've published our summary business plans 2017-2024.

Under Ongoing Work, you can find out about our work with renewable investment as well as ongoing projects that are taking place across Northern Ireland.
Investment 2017-2024   

Investment 2012-2017

Since 2012 we’ve been working hard across Northern Ireland to improve the electricity network:


Since 2012, we have invested in the region of £230m million (based on 09/10 prices) in the electricity
network and delivered over 82,000 outputs including refurbishing or replacing:
  • Over 10,000km of overhead lines
  • Approximately 30 km of underground cables
  • 17,600 under-eaves services
  • Over 430 circuit breakers and transformers in primary substations
  • Almost 2,500 components in secondary substations
  • Six 110kV substations
  • Approx. 200,00 meters replaced

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