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Community & Child Safety

‚ÄčNIE Networks is responsible for the electricity lines, poles and equipment in Northern Ireland. Electricity can jump across gaps of 5 meters causing serious injury or even death. Activities that could cause harm include:

  • Climbing trees and building treehouses. Before climbing trees or building tree houses, look around and make sure that there are no electricity lines nearby.
  • Trampolines. You should never put a trampoline underneath electricity lines this could cause serious harm to anyone using it as they could easily jump too close to the line.
  • Drones and kites. Toys that go up into the air can touch electricity lines or poles. Only ever use them far away from electricity equipment.
  • If you see broken electricity equipment, you should stay far away from it and report it to NIE Networks immediately by calling 03457 643 643.

When you see this sign, it means there is electricity equipment that could cause electrocution and you should never go within 5 meters of it.

safety danger of death sign

You need to stop and think – are you sure it’s safe?.

Resources for children

We want you to stay safe and so we've developed lots of materials below which will help you to identify and learn about electricity and electricity equipment.

Bogus callers

Always remember that genuine callers, like our meter readers, will be happy to wait while you check their identity. If you have any doubt, you can ask to see their identity card and check it by dialing 101 for QuickCheck.