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Network Maps

Get A Network Map

When applying for a network map please include the following information:

  1. Your name, address and postcode
  2. Your contact telephone number
  3. A location map which clearly indicates the area.

Please request a network map by email, or by post:

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks
Distribution Service Centre
Request for Markup
Carn Industrial Estate
BT63 5QJ

Please contact us well in advance of starting any work to allow time for your application to be processed and posted to you.

When You've Received A Network Map

  • Mark the positions of the cables and pipes using paint or waterproof marking on the ground or short pegs and marker tape on soft ground.
  • Ensure that sub-contractors are fully briefed and have clear copies of the marked up drawings on site.
  • Make no assumptions. Cable tiles and tapes may have been moved by other contractors and utilities and they may not be buried at standard depths.