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If you, or someone you know, relies on electricity for healthcare needs, you can join our Medical Customer Care Register to get extra support during a power cut. Being on the register means you will receive up to date information by phone during a power cut or a planned interruption to your supply.

Find out more about our medical care register here.

Please provide details of the person who is dependant on electrical equipment:
Nominated contact number - this is the number our systems will recognise when you report a power cut by phone (please ensure your telephone handset does not require electricity):
Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) - a unique 11 digit number used to identify your address (you may find your MPRN on your electricity bill or by contacting your supplier):
Carer details - you can provide details of a relative, neighbour or friend who we will contact in the event of a power cut (please inform your nominated carer that you have given us their details):
Equipment details, please select equipment used *: