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Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) owns the electricity transmission and distribution network and operates the electricity distribution network which transports electricity to over 900,000 customers over c.49,000 kilometres of lines and cables throughout Northern Ireland countryside.

As well as maintain and upgrade the existing network in Northern Ireland we have a legal obligation to provide new electricity connections.   To do this we often have to position equipment on privately owned land.  When this is necessary we secure our equipment by an agreement called a Wayleave Agreement.

A Wayleave Agreement is a contractual licence, between NIE Networks and the landowner, to use a specific piece of land to site electricity equipment on, such as electricity poles, cables or stays. It allows NIE Networks to install, access, repair, maintain and operate our equipment in a reliable and safe way.

The majority of NIE Networks overhead lines and cables held by Wayleave Agreement.  NIE Networks has over 700,000 wayleave agreements in place throughout Northern Ireland and pays around £5 million in wayleave payments annually.

The Wayleave Agreement is a standard form of agreement with an annual payment of rent and, if applicable, compensation.

Wayleave Payments

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