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Fishing Safety Advice

Anglers can put themselves in danger by fishing too close to overhead lines. 

Every year anglers fishing without caution can suffer electric shocks and burns from overhead lines. 

Stay Safe Follow These Steps

By following a few important safety steps anglers can avoid injury and happily cast away:

  • Always look up and look out for overhead lines before rods are assembled or fishing begins.
  • Fish at least 30 metres (100ft) away from all overhead lines. You can measure this along the ground.
  • Contact or being close to any electrical equipment must be avoided.  It is extremely dangerous particularly if the object is an electrical conductor, for example a rod or pole, lead coated fishing line or even a damp nylon line.
  • If you own, lease or make fishing waters available where overhead lines are present, please ensure visible safety signs have been erected.
  • Always tell children never to fish near overhead lines, they may not be able to calculate the safe distance required.

General Warning Signs

General warning signs for anglers are yellow in colour and used to warn of overhead lines close to water.

Prohibition Notice

A prohibition notice sign warns anglers that no fishing is permitted within 30 metres of overhead lines. A limited number of these warning signs are available free of charge by contacting us.


Cast With Care

Download our Cast With Care safety document below.

Download Document