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Farm Safety

Safety advice for farmers

Electrical equipment is a major hazard and without the proper precautions can endanger lives on the farm. Injuries on the farm can ruin lives and businesses. Solutions are often simple and cheap and the people best placed to make farms safer are farmers and their employees. See our leaflet below on some tips on how to stay safe around electrical equipment on the farm.

Liquid slurry can conduct electric currents so spraying devices could become 'live' if jets were to come into contact with overhead lines. The electricity could pass through the vehicle and the body of anyone in contact with the machine.

In the course of our work duties at NIE Networks we are required to cross agricultural ground and farmyards. Wherever possible we expect our staff to speak to the landowner to identify and discuss the risks before entering. When speaking to our staff please inform them of any risks in regards to livestock, vehicles, farm machinery pits or tanks. However, as contact is not always possible it is important to ensure that action is taken if there is a risk of injury, especially from falls into tanks or pits.

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Plan ahead - If you are unsure about how close your work will come to overhead power lines, contact NIE Networks for advice on 03457 643 643. If your work has any potential to come within close proximity of our equipment during your work, we may need to have our equipment made safe before your work starts. This will be free of charge.  Please ensure adequate notice is given and your work is planned for normal working hours (9:00 to 16:30)

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Get More Safety Information

For more important electrical safety information including key legislation and electricity at work regulations visit the HSENI Website.

HSENI Website

Farm Safe

Download our Farm Safe document below.

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