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Every year several incidences take place involving DIY work and electrical equipment.

If you are planning DIY work on your property including exterior painting, trimming trees or building work such as an extension or a conservatory, please ensure you follow a few practical safety guidelines:

Safety Guidelines

  • Take care when carrying ladders or using cherry pickers and make sure you stay at least 5 metres (17 feet) away from overhead lines and equipment.
  • Don’t touch a tree branch if it is in contact with a power line.
  • Overgrown branches can cause power lines to clash which can bring them down, threaten lives and in some cases cause fire.  Plant trees well away from overhead lines and get advice on which plants and trees are safe to plant.
  • Before digging it is important to find out the location of any underground cables. It is your responsibility to locate and avoid damage to any electricity cables in and around your work site.

Find out more information about requesting a free marked-up map.

Look Up & Look Out

View our short safety video on the dangers of carrying out DIY work close to overhead lines.

Read more about tree cutting safety.

Electricity & Water - Safety Precautions

When using electric garden tools it is important to be aware of the dangers of water - water and electricity do not mix. If it rains or the tools get wet stop using them and do not touch them. Do not allow children to play near you when you are using electric tools.

If you collide or become entangled with a line do not move until help arrives.

In case of emergency please contact the our helpline number 03457 643 643.