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In recent years there have been a number of incidents where yachts and sailing boats have come into contact with overhead lines with devastating results.

Whether you are embarking on a day's sailing or planning to transport your yacht or boat, please ensure you follow a few practical safety guidelines to stay safe while sailing.

Key Steps To Stay Safe

  • Before you sail - plan your route carefully when transporting your yacht or sailing boat to the harbour and make sure you have adequate clearance under overhead lines. 
  • When you are stepping your mast or going towards the launching ramp be sure to check that the area is totally clear of overhead lines. Many masts are made of aluminium which is an excellent conductor of electricity. Make sure that your mast stays at least 5 metres from all overhead lines.
  • While you sail - look out for overhead lines that cross waterways and ensure that your boat has proper clearance from these lines.
  • After you sail - when removing your boat from the water inspect the surrounding area for overhead lines which may come into contact with the mast as you step it and store it for travel.

Need More Help?

You can get more safety advice by contacting us.

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In Case Of Emergency

If you collide or become entangled with a line do not move until help arrives.

In case of emergency please contact the our helpline number 03457 643 643.