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Coming into contact with an overhead line can be fatal.

At NIE Networks we work closely with local gliding and parachuting clubs to make them aware of the dangers of flying or landing too close to overhead lines.

If you are involved in aerial sports such as handgliding, parachuting, paragliding, ballooning and microlights then make sure you are aware of the following key safety precautions.

Staying Safe In The Air

  • Find out the location of the Northern Ireland electricity network. Where possible, aerial sports clubs should display maps showing the location of overhead lines.
  • Navigate from a map that shows all overhead lines as electricity lines, especially those on wooden poles which are difficult to identify from the air.
  • Instruct club members in rescue and first aid procedures.
  • If you collide or become entangled with a line do not move until help arrives.

Need More Help?

For more safety information please contact us.

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