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In December 2019 NIE Networks and SONI issued a consultation on NIE Networks Providing Distribution Generation Offers with Non-Firm Market Access for applicants 5MW and above. This consultation closed in February 2020.

To conclude that process we are now publishing our Decision Paper and the non-confidential responses received (see below).

The interim connections process will remove the requirement for full transmission firmness to be available in order for NIE Networks to issue a Distribution Connection Offer (to generators 5MW and above). At the appropriate time in the connections process, SONI will complete Firm Access Quantity (FAQ) analysis and issue this information to the connecting party. The FAQ calculated will be reflective of actual transmission firm capacity.

The interim connections process will go-live one month after the required changes in the NIE Networks’ Statement of Charges for Connection to Northern Ireland Electricity Networks’ Distribution System (SOCC) are approved by the Utility Regulator.

This paper contains information included in the Alternative Connection Application and Offer Process (ACAOP) Decision Paper. It has been unchanged and included in this decision paper for completeness and ease of access to information.

Any enquiries should be directed to NIE Networks (

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Non-Confidential Responses Received


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