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Small and large scale generation connections

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Important Notice

Important Notice

Customers and Installers of generators greater than 16A per phase should note that installations commissioned on or after 27 April 2019 must meet all of the requirements set out in the new Engineering Recommendation EREC G99/NI. After this date commissioning of new generators under the existing EREC G59/1/NI standard will NOT be permitted. Further details can be found at the following link

The connection process policy

With over 1500 MW of renewable generation now connected to the electricity network and in excess of a further 250 MW committed to connect, any potential new applicants should be aware of the current situation regarding new generation applications and the timescales that may be involved.

What you need before you start

The information listed below is necessary to enable NIE Networks to consider and design a connection for any new generation connection application.

Large and small scale generation connections

Use the links below to apply for a generation connection with a capacity over 3.68 kW for single phase or above 11.04 kW for three phase connections.

  • Connections application and offer process policy

    Step 1

    Connections application and offer process policy

    This policy details the application and offer process adhered to by NIE Networks when processing generation connection applications

    View policy

  • Attachments

    Step 1


    The information below must be included in the Attachments section as part of your application

    - Engineering Recommendation G99/NI Standard Application Form
    - Single line diagram (including reverse power relay and control methodology for zero/limited export applications
    - Load details if the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is greater than 200 kVA
    - Technical specification for the generator/storage device
  • Application fee

    Step 2

    Application fee

    You will need to pay the appropriate fee before your application will be considered valid and can be processed. Please see current fees in Schedule 2 of our Statement of Charges

    View statement of charges
  • Address and contact details

    Step 3

    Address and contact details

    To successfully complete your application you will need to provide name and address information in order to populate the following sections:

    1. Correspondence details
    2. Site details, including site contact details (please specify, if this is different)
    3. Payment details (contact details of the person paying for the connection)
    4. Legal details (contact details of the person receiving all legal documentation)
  • Site Information

    Step 4

    Site Information

    -Site layout map including the substation/point of supply co-ordinates. All wind turbine co-ordinates must be included if applicable
    -Site location plan at the most relevant scale (1:25000 / 1:2500 / 1:500) with your site outlined in red

  • MPRN

    Step 5


    If the generation is to be connected to an existing supply point (e.g. domestic PV or a wind turbine in close proximity to a farm) then you must provide the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) of the existing meter.

    An MPRN is an 11 digit number beginning with 8, that can be found on your electricity bill

  • Planning Permission Information

    Step 6

    Planning Permission Information

    Please provide your planning permission reference number if known. This will help with application assessment in conjunction with other utilities and government bodies.

  • Decision tree for Distributed Generation Connections

    Step 1

    Decision tree for Distributed Generation Connections

    To help you determine which type of connection you require, we have created a decision tree. Please review it before selecting your type of generation.

    View decision tree
  • Small or large scale generation connection

    Step 2

    Small or large scale generation connection

    For customers wishing to apply for a generation connection greater than 3.68 kW single phase or 11.04 kW three phase.

    To apply by post, Download a PDF application form [1 MB PDF];

    Please post your application form to the following address:
    Unit 3, 21 Old Channel Road,
    BT3 9 DE