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We are currently collecting expressions of interest from our customers who are interested in participating in our intelligent charging trial.

The basic criteria required for participation are as follows:

  • You must have access to an electric vehicle for the duration of the trial (currently scheduled to run from Summer 2024 to Spring 2026)
  • There must already be an EV chargepoint installed at your property
  • The vehicle must use an off-street parking location when utilising the chargepoint

To find out more about the project please visit EV Intelligent Charging | Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (

In order to assess potential eligibility for our trial, there are a few short questions for you to answer. Please bear in mind that this trial is only open to those with home chargepoints.

By completing the form below you are not making any commitment to participate. We will contact you to confirm your interest before formally registering you into any trial.

Please confirm you have access to a fully electric (battery electric) vehicle*:
We would like to confirm some basic information about your existing chargepoint to confirm compatibility. Please complete the following:
Please confirm that you already have an EV chargepoint installed at home*: