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Requirements for all Generators Distribution Code Amendments, EREC G98/NI, G99/NI and the PPM Setting Schedule

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A consultation on proposals for implementing Significant Grid User (SGU) Key Organisational Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities (KORRR) relating to Data Exchange – Northern Ireland, is commencing today 25 January 2019. This is in accordance with Article 40(6) of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 of 2 August 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation.
This consultation is hosted jointly by SONI in its role as the Transmission System Operator in Northern Ireland and NIE Networks in its role as the Distribution Network Operator in Northern Ireland. EirGrid in its role as the Transmission System Operator in Ireland and ESB Networks in its role as the Distribution System Operator in Ireland are holding a similar consultation with SGUs in Ireland.

The consultation paper for Northern Ireland is published in the European Integration Section of the SONI website.  Please scroll to the ‘Publications’ section.

Please note a separate consultation for Ireland also commenced today. This is published on the EirGrid website. Customers should respond to one or both depending on their interests.
Responses to the consultation should be sent to by 17h00 on 25 February 2019.  For your convenience, a response template is available in the ‘Publications’ section.  
Please email your submission with the subject title “KORRR SGU Consultation”.  We look forward to receiving your feedback and using it to improve our proposal.  

Engineering Recommendation (EREC) P28 Consultation

NIE Networks proposes changing the Distribution System Security and Planning Standard EREC P28 (the Planning Limits for Voltage Fluctuations standard), to be superseded by EREC P28 Issue 2.

EREC P28 was first issued in 1989. It is the current standard for planning limits for voltage fluctuations applied to the Northern Ireland distribution network. The standard is also referenced in the NIE Networks Distribution Code.

It is to be used by those who propose to connect disturbing equipment with the potential for voltage fluctuation, being flicker and/or RVC, to public electricity supply systems. The document should also be used by those who carry out assessments concerning the suitability of connecting such equipment to these systems.

NIE Networks now propose to adopt the changes made to EREC P28 in Great Britain to ensure equivalent standard alignment.
The purpose of this consultation is to set out the proposed changes to EREC P28 and seek feedback from stakeholders.
  1. Consultation Document
  2. EREC P28 Issue 2

This consultation closed on the 15th of May 2020.

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