Transmission Interface Arrangements

The Transmission Interface Arrangements (TIA) outline the commercial and operational interactions between NIE Networks and SONI and enable the efficient operation, planning, development, construction and maintenance of the transmission system.

NIE Networks is the Transmission Network Owner and under the conditions of our transmission licence, we are required to develop, construct and maintain the transmission system in accordance with the requirements of the TIA.

The latest approved version of the TIA can be found at the link below:

 Transmission Interface Arrangements

NIE Networks and SONI have carried out a joint review of how the Transmission Interface Arrangements (TIA) are being applied at a working level.

Amendments to Section C, D and U have been proposed by NIE Networks (as agreed with SONI) to provide clarity on the roles and responsibilities during the pre-construction phase of a transmission project. Amendments to Section B have been proposed by SONI (as agreed with NIE Networks) in respect of the unlimited indemnity within paragraph 8.3 of Section B.

NIE Networks and SONI invite representations on the Proposed Transmission Interface Arrangements Amendment Reports under paragraph of Section P of the TIA. Individuals wishing to respond should contact us by 31 July 2020.

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