Small Scale Generation SCADA Implementation

There is a requirement within the both the Distribution Code and individual Small Scale Generation Connection Agreements that all generators which are greater than 200kW, install and commission Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Generators which are connected to the NIE Networks’ Distribution System should be compliant with the Distribution Code.
All owners of Small Scale Generation (SSG), with generators greater than 200kW are expected to comply with this mandatory requirement.
Implementation of SCADA will enable communication of real-time information and control between your generator and the NIE Network’s Distribution Control Centre. 
SCADA will:
  • Enable more accurate generation forecasting for the Wholesale Energy Market.
  • Provide high resolution data for planning electricity network development.
  • Enhance control of network voltage levels.
  • Bring Small Scale Generators in line with Large Scale Generators.
Full technical details of the changes you need to make to your generator and the reasons why they are being enforced are explained in the SSG SCADA Guidance Document.

Download Guidance Document

In summary, by 31st January 2021 you will need to:
  • Engage a qualified Engineer to install and commission SCADA at your generator.
  • Confirm to NIE Networks that you have
    • Received a SCADA Notification Letter,
    • Engaged a SCADA Installer,
    • Instructed your SCADA Installer to liaise with NIE Networks and
    • Confirm your current generator(s) details.

Verified SCADA Installers   
SSG SCADA Acknowledgement Form   

You should also be aware that on completion of your SCADA Installation, NIE Networks will perform Compliance Testing. This will confirm that your generator meets all requirements within the Distribution Code including Reactive Power control.
Failure to make these mandatory changes may result in your generator being disconnected from the Distribution Network.
If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact the NIE Networks Generation Compliance Department at

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