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Our Scholarship Programme

Each year we provide a number of scholarship opportunities to Engineers of the future, worth over £48k throughout the duration of the programme.
Could you be one of them?

Who can apply?

Students in their first year of study on the following courses are eligible to apply:

Queens University (MEng pathway is also open to 2nd years)

  • MEng / BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • MEng / BEng Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science BSc / MEng
  • Data Science BSc

Ulster University

  • BEng Renewable Energy Engineering (Magee)
  • BSc Energy (Belfast)
  • BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Magee)
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Magee)

Power Academy Courses - Institute of Engineering (IET) Accredited

  • An IET accredited MEng or BEng electrical, electronic or power engineering course at any Power Academy University. NIE Networks is a member of the Power Academy and each year takes a number of Power Academy Scholars.

Students must also:

  • Be high performing, demonstrating drive and determination and a passion for working in the energy industry.
  • Be prepared to complete a year in industry and paid annual summer placements in Northern Ireland.
  • Have the right to work in the UK legally.
  • Have or working towards achieving a driving licence and access to a vehicle.

What does the Scholarship include?

Each scholarship student will receive the following:

  • £3000 annual bursary
  • Paid summer placements throughout the duration of your studies (10 weeks each summer)
  • One year paid industrial experience at an attractive salary (£22k)
  • Access to a company mentor and support through professional registration
  • Free IET student membership
  • Following graduation you will be able to apply for the Fast Track Graduate Engineer Programme
  • Annual Summer seminar/team building programme

How to apply?

Apply via Current Opportunities when applications open again in 2024.

What will the future hold for me once the Scholarship programme is complete?

  • An application to our Graduate Programme starting the following September after you graduate
  • A starting salary of £39.6k (reviewed annually)
  • Benchmarked annual leave
  • Access to all NIE Networks perks and benefits
  • Future progression opportunities
  • Retention Bonus Payment payable over the first 2 years of employment

If you have the drive, skills and enthusiasm there are no limits – some of our top Managers and Directors started with us as graduates!

Fast Track Graduate Programme

Learn more about our Fast Track Graduate Programme using the button below.

Learn More

Why do we offer scholarships?

As we strive towards zero carbon targets and a simultaneous uplift in renewable energy there are immense opportunities for the energy industry.

We need the very best engineers of the future to join NIE Networks and help pave the way. To date we have sponsored over 70 students through their degrees.

Electrification of heating and transport systems would be transformative for both Northern Ireland’s economy and environment. It would create around 5,000 jobs, reduce the spend on imported fossil fuels by £1.4 billion a year and put Northern Ireland on the pathway to an 82% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

NIE Networks have already pledged an additional £50 million investment in the electricity network over the next three years to focus on the rollout of clean energy infrastructure creating additional capacity for customers adopting low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles and heat pumps, particularly in rural areas.

We want our Scholars to help lead this transformation.


  • How long is the programme?

    You will be sponsored for the duration of your studies until you graduate.

  • Where will I be based?

    We are a Northern Ireland (NI) based company with offices and sites across NI.  Each summer and year out placement will vary to allow you the greatest development and exposure to different areas of the business, therefore you should be prepared to travel.

    You will also complete onsite placements and these could potentially be in various locations throughout Northern Ireland.

    To support your training and development it’s essential you can work at any location across Northern Ireland.

  • How many jobs will there be?

    Numbers of scholarship opportunities vary from year to year and will be determined through business requirements and how many individuals reach the appropriate level.

    Our scholars are a great network of peer support for each other. When it comes to graduate positions there are jobs for all - The only person you are competing with is yourself!

  • How does the current selection process operate?

    The selection process includes the following key stages:

    Online Application

    Applicants should spend adequate time completing the application providing specific examples that demonstrate how you meet each criteria.  This is the first impression the company gets of you and you want it to be the right one!


    Competency based interviewing assesses future performance based on past behaviour. It can give valuable insights into an individual's preferred style of working and help predict behaviour in future situations.

    Questions will be asked to draw information required to support the key competencies of the role.  Questions may be worded in the format of “Can you give me an example when…?” or “Tell me about a time when you…”

    Responses should be structured to describe a situation or task, the action you took and the end result.

    You may also be provided with a few scenario based questions to see how you would respond in certain situations; often this is as much about your approach and thought process, rather than necessarily getting the “right” answer.

    Find tips and advice on interview preparation to help you achieve interview success.

  • When does the selection process open each year?

    The campaign usually opens near the end of September, start of October each year. As this is currently only open to Queens University & Ulster University Students, the university will make the eligible students aware of scholarship opportunities, and representatives from NIE Networks will present to students and be there to answer any questions students may have.

  • Do I have to be able to drive?

    As we are NI based it is a requirement that you have a full driving license and access to a vehicle by the time you start your first summer placement (early June).

Careers Booklet

For more infomation about careers at NIE Networks download our Careers Booklet below:

Careers Booklet