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Powercheck FAQs

Powercheck FAQs

Powercheck is a real time fault information map which is regularly updated to provide information on power cuts. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers that may help answer your questions:
  • The fault pin isn’t at my house – how do I know if this is my power cut?

    Fault pins provide an indicative power cut area but do not identify the individual properties affected. The pin could appear to be at some distance from your property – particularly if you live in a rural area or if the power cut affects a large number of people.

  • Why can I not zoom in on the map to my house on powercheck?

    The map is designed to provide an indicative area of where your fault is located but will not be able to provide information on individual properties.

  • Why has the estimated restoration time for my power cut changed on powercheck?

    We fix nine out ten power cuts within three hours. When a power cut occurs at first we therefore estimate that we will restore power within three hours. When are engineers are onsite and we have a better understanding of what caused the power cut and how we repair it, we can provide a more accurate estimation of the time it will take to complete repairs.

  • Why has the fault pin moved on powercheck? Is it the same fault?

    As we locate the precise location of the network fault, the pin may move. Also we may be able to restore some customers more quickly than others depending on the location of the fault. Hence, the fault pin will move to more accurately reflect the location of the properties still without power.

  • Why has the number of properties affected by the power cut changed on powercheck?

    When the electricity goes off at first, it takes some time to understand the full extent of the power cut. Therefore the number of customers affected and the accurate location of the fault may change.

    Similarly as we start to repair the fault, we may restore groups of customers at a time reducing the actual number affect.

  • Why is my power cut not on Powercheck?

    There are a number of reasons why your power cut may not be displayed on Powercheck:

    • It has not been reported – you can report a power cut online or via our customer helpline 03457 643643.
    • The map only displays power cuts affecting more than ten properties.
    • The problem may be resolved. When the power is back on, the pin is removed from the map.
    • Powercheck does not currently provide information on planned network outages. If you received a card through the post to notify you that your power was going off for essential network maintenance work, this will not be displayed on the Powercheck map.
  • Why is Powercheck a BETA version?

    Powercheck is a new web application which NIE Networks has developed to provide a real-time fault information service for our customers. As with all new technologies, there may be bugs and we want to ensure the system is as aligned to your needs as possible. We would therefore encourage you to provide feedback on this service and how it could be improved.

  • Why is there no restoration time for my power cut?

    Where possible we will provide a restoration time for all power cuts. There are a number of reasons why we may not be able to provide it at present:

    • During storms or severe weather where there are large numbers of power cuts, we are unable to provide accurate information immediately
    • There may be access problems or other issues outside our control
    • We may be still locating the problem and are unable to provide an accurate update at present.

    Powercheck is regularly updated so check back soon.