Planned work - our maintenance programme

Keeping Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) running is a 24/7 business. Our maintenance programmes run summer and winter. However, we try to schedule planned interruptions to cause least inconvenience to our customers. We do this by:

  • Changing the network prior to planned work to ensure the outage affects the minimum number of customers
  • Where possible, we fit a generator at the local substation. We do not fit generators in individual homes or businesses.
  • Our lines teams use techniques to work on the network when it is still live. Find out more on how our live line teams work

When do we plan work to the electricity network?

When we are unable to use these options, we have to schedule planned interruptions and notify customers that their electricity will be off for a short period. The majority of planned interruptions affect domestic customers and are carried out during daytime working hours. However, in some circumstances we may have to work outside normal working hours and at weekends to complete our programme of work. Where possible, we will shorten planned interruptions, restoring electricity supplies earlier.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

  • What is planned work?
  • Why do you need to cut your electricity supply?
  • How will I know if there is planned work in my area?
  • How will you notify me about a planned interruption?
  • What should I do to prepare for the power cut?
  • How can I avoid interruptions to my power supply?