G59 Generator Interface Protection 

Generators that connect to the electricity grid should be compliant with the Distribution Code. This code is regularly consulted upon with a wide range of stakeholders and has recently been updated with new Generator Interface Protection settings for Small Scale Generators.

Generators are required to update the interface protection settings on your generator by 30th September 2019 and confirm this has been completed. 

This technical update is designed to:
  • Reduce nuisance tripping and ad hoc disconnection of small scale generators
  • Enable the 2020 Government targets for renewable energy to be met
  • Bring small scale generators in line with large scale generators who implemented the settings change last year
G59 Protection Update Guidance Document provides the full technical details of the required changes and the reasons why they are being implemented.
Download guidance document    

You will need to:
  • Confirm to NIE Networks that you have received the G59 notification and that you have engaged a G59 contractor:
G59 reply form   
  • Engage a qualified engineer to update the protection settings at your generator.
G59 contractors    
  • For generators with a high voltage connection, book an appointment for an NIE Networks’ engineer to witness a protection test of the new settings.

In some circumstances the application of the new protection settings may require new equipment which could delay the completion of the changes; your G59 contractor can provide further guidance on this matter.

NIE Networks will refer any generator which fails to make the protection changes by the required date to the Utility Regulator for further action.


G59 Settings Changes Events
A big thank you to all who attended the information evenings, for anyone that couldn’t make it please find below the customer information pack.
G59 Information Evening Customer Pack   

If you have any further queries please contact us by email at G59@nienetworks.co.uk or call us on 07464 910 006

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