The FLEX (Demand Side Response, DSR) project will evaluate how customers' Flexibility can be used to manage network constraints and defer expensive network reinforcement.

Customer Flexibility is their ability to adjust their energy consumption in response to an external signal, examples of which are customers managing their own demand, using on-site generation and energy storage in response to a signal from NIE Networks. The project will evaluate the integration of Flexibility operation within the Northern Ireland context, addressing any relevant technical, commercial and regulatory barriers.

There are many types of Flexibility based on different customers and control principles. This project will focus on Industrial and Commercial (I&C) customers and seeks to trial the contracting of this DSR via both an aggregator and directly with customers.

For enquiries and to receive updates on project progression and Flexibility opportunities email flexibility@nienetworks.co.uk.


The main objectives of the FLEX project are to:

  • Develop a DSO Flexibility market in Northern Ireland
  • Develop the end to end process for procuring and operating Flexibility on the distribution network
  • Trial technical and commercial solutions to evaluate the potential to use Flexibility to defer expensive network reinforcement and increase asset utilisation reducing peak power flows
  • Identify any conflicts with existing contracted services and promote revenue stacking revenues
  • Evaluate the Flexibility market in Northern Ireland and the level of participation from customers
  • Evaluate the financial benefits to the Northern Ireland customer

Work Completed to Date

  • Project consultants appointed
  • Commenced technology and market assessment phase

Project Timeline


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