Facilitation of Energy Storage Services (FESS)

The increased connection of generation and low carbon technologies on the distribution network has presented significant challenges to NIE Networks. We are experiencing thermal constraints due to power flows at times of peak demand, voltage constraints due to renewable generation, and an unpredictability of load and generation due to the intermittent nature of renewable generation and LCTs.

Energy storage can absorb energy at times of high generation and low demand, and release energy at times of peak demand. Customers offering Energy Storage Services (ESS) therefore have the potential of deferring network reinforcement and accommodating the connection of further demand or generation which would otherwise be constrained by thermal capacity. ESS can also play in the System Services market helping to balance demand and generation.

The FESS project will set the framework to enable the integration of customer owned ESS to the Northern Ireland network.  It will identify and seek to overcome barriers that are currently present to the deployment of energy storage on the network and identify opportunities where ESS could provide wider customer benefits.

Market Survey

This survey will help NIE Networks understand the barriers to deploying energy storage on the network. Your response really matters and will provide valuable input to the FESS project, therefore helping to facilitate energy storage in Northern Ireland. 

We would like to hear more from our customers and those in the energy storage industry, and would kindly ask you to complete a short survey. The survey can be accessed here.

Survey Closes - 31st July 2020


The key objectives of the FESS project are to:

  • Perform a market evaluation of ESS providers in NI (Q3 2020)
  • Identify potential use cases for ESS in NI
  • Identify barriers to the wider deployment of ESS in NI
  • Develop solutions to the identified barriers and consult on the proposed changes
  • Taking account of the feedback from the consultation, implement the solutions

Work Completed to Date

  •  Ricardo awarded consultancy contract to support the project.
  •  Completed the Technology Assessment phase.

Project Timeline

If you have any questions regarding the FESS project please contact us at Futurenetworks@nienetworks.co.uk

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