Distribution Code for Northern Ireland

The Distribution Code is designed to permit the development, maintenance and operation of an efficient, co-ordinated and economical distribution system and generally to facilitate competition in the generation and supply of electricity.

   Distribution Code - Issue 4

This code establishes the rules governing the operation, maintenance and development of the distribution system and sets out the procedures for governing the actions of all distribution system users.

In accordance with the code NIE Networks has established and maintains a Distribution Code Review Panel that reviews and makes amendments to the code as necessary.

Distribution Code - Issue 4 Notes

This version of the code includes amendments made to Generator interface protection settings which now apply to Small Scale Generation, effective from 11 May 2018. These amendments are detailed in the following consultation response document:

Setting Schedules 

Setting Schedules accompany the Distribution Code providing additional technical detail. These documents are considered part of the Distribution Code and fall under the governance of the Distribution Code Review Panel.

The SSG Setting Schedule applies to Power Stations with a registered capacity from 100kW to under 5MW, and it has been updated to align references to paragraph numbers in D-Code Issue 4.
   SSG Setting Schedule

The WFPS Setting Schedule applies to Wind farm Power Stations with a registered capacity equal to or greater than 5MW.

WFPS Setting Schedule   

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