Selecting your electricity meter

In order to process your application, we need to understand the type of electricity meter you wish to install. Please select the

  1. Rate category code: a (T) code, for example 'T001'
  2. Meter connection code: a (N) or (H) code, for example 'N001'

You may wish to discuss this with your electricity suppliers as your chose electricity tariff may required a specific type of meter.

Types of meters

Please download a full list of meter types (30kB, PDF format) or a list of common meter types [24.5kB, PDF format) [links opens in a new window], or click on the common meter types:

  • Domestic only - residential connections including places of worship
  • Combined - residential and business connections including farms
  • Business - non domestic connctions including hotels, clubs, schools, shops, offices and meeting halls.
  • Commercial - industrial commercial connections where supply is greater than or equal to 70kVA

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