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Are you building a residential or business development and require a lighting connection within the site. Do you have planning permission for the development and have you a lighting scheme designed?

If so you need to plan ahead for the electricity connection. You may want to apply for a connection for your lighting scheme at the same time as you are applying for electricity connections within a development.

How To Apply

Download our connections application form for multi site developments or contact our helpline on 03457 643643.

Read and complete the form detailing the lighting scheme on the last page of the form. The lighting scheme can be included alongside all the other electricity connections required for your development. You should also gather all the necessary supporting documentation, including:

  • Site location map 1:2500
  • Site plan 1:500 showing the control pillar location
  • A DRD Street Lighting stamped approved copy of the lighting scheme
  • Details of the electrical loading for the scheme

Once the application has been received it will follow the same process as that of a multi site connection.

On completion of works and receipt of a completed connection card and market message from your chosen supplier, we will provide a metered connection point with TT earthing characteristics.

The site developer will be responsible for all charges associated with the metered connection until the street lighting installation is adopted by Road Service Street Lighting.