Meet Adam Dalzell

Name: Adam Dalzell

Job Title: Trainee Digital Cartographer

Apprenticeship discipline: Digital Cartography

What made you choose the apprentice route?

Like a lot of young people leaving school after sixth form, I had gone to university in hope of getting a degree. However I discovered that the form of learning there just wasn’t engaging enough to prepare me for a full time job. I’d spotted the ad for the apprenticeship on Facebook and after reading more into it, I realised it ticked all the boxes of what I wanted from a learning experience. The apprentice route offered the chance to experience a working environment, where I could learn on the job and be constantly putting my new found skills into practice.

How long was your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship was a total of two years.

How has your career developed over time?

My apprenticeship has allowed me to experience so much of the business in such a short amount of time. I came into this role knowing little to nothing about electricity and how it operates, but the training instructors were patient and allowed me to progress at my own pace. Over time my work has become more focused on my role as a Digital Cartographer; however I’ve got to work with so many different people across the business I’ve a huge sense of appreciation for the work done to keep the lights on.

Explain a bit about your job? What does a typical day look like?

As a Digital Cartographer, it is my role to continually maintain and update the network map systems that we use to ensure they are up to date and accurately show where our equipment is across Northern Ireland.

Having accurate data is essential for safety, future planning and financial purposes. A normal day for me involves interpreting drawings sent in from on-site staff or contractors and providing maps to our customers.

Best bit of your job?

The best bit of my job is knowing that the data I’m adding to our network maps is helping to keep our engineers working on the electricity infrastructure and the public safety.

Any advice you’d give to someone considering an apprenticeship with NIE Networks?

I would say go for it! An apprenticeship with NIE Networks opens up a whole world of opportunities. The quality of training you will receive here is amongst the best you will get anywhere in the UK or Ireland. NIE Networks invest so much in their apprentices; the salary is great, as is the opportunity for career progression and personal development. As an apprentice you have to be prepared to push yourself and really step out of your comfort zone, it’s so worth it and is the best way to experience all that the apprenticeship has to offer.

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