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Meet Grainne

Plant Maintenance Apprentice

I had previously worked in an office and I knew that I wanted to be out and about more instead of being in the same place all the time. I was also looking for something more physical and challenging. The Earn as you Learn aspect of the apprenticeship swayed me to go down this route as it was more feasible for me than being in tech full time.

I had heard NIE Networks was a great company to work for and that they offered great employee benefits so I decided to apply to their apprenticeship scheme.

I have worked in male dominated areas before so I wasn’t put off by that, however it was still a bit daunting - just because you dont know how other people will take to you. However I’ve had no issues and I don’t see myself being treated any differently than anyone else.

Everything to do with the training and mentoring has been great. Both training instructors and Apprentice Co-ordinators have been so supportive and very welcoming. They’re extremely easy to talk to and always willing to answer any queries or questions that you may have - nothing has been too much trouble.

I’m really enjoying the people I’m working with as well and the fact I’m getting the opportunity to learn something completely new. Everyone on the course has been great - our group have become very tight knit and its great to have people you get along with who are all having the same experience.

A typical week would involve spending a Tuesday in tech where we go through legislation, maths and our basic electrical. Every other day I’m either in the training school, learning how to take apart and maintain different pieces of training plant, or I’m on site where we put what we have learned in the training school into practice.

I hope to become a fully qualified Plant Maintenance Electrician and progress further in the company.