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profile photo of Ellie Taylor

Meet Ellie

Plant Maintenance Apprenticeship

I had a negative experience at school so I knew University wasn’t the right route for me. I enjoy being hands on and learning on the job so I was attracted to the apprenticeship scheme. I had heard NIE Networks were a good company to work for and have a range of opportunities that I could progress to when I have served my time.

I felt at bit daunted by the perception of a male-dominated environment at first as I was unaware of how being female would be taken by others but I have been reassured and have felt very comfortable so far with no issues. The other apprentices on the course are very friendly and we have all been getting along good, helping each other out along the way.

In the classroom we learn how to maintain plant and issues involved with certain pieces of plant, in the workshop we put our knowledge to practical use. Tuesday is our tech day where we learn about health and safety, maths and electric.

The best bit so far has been the hands-on learning and support that comes with it between fellow apprentices and managers/instructors. If I struggle to understand something all the instructors will help to explain it in a different way until I understand.

I hope to work my way through the authorisation levels in the future but for now I am just taking things as they come.