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Call For Competition

At NIE Networks, we publish individual Call for Competitions in Find a Tender which changed from Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) as of the 31 December 2020.

A Contract Notice acts as a call for competition for specific supplies, works and or services. 

The notice provides specific details of the contract including conditions for applicants to be selected for the contract. 

Suppliers interested in the requirement must first complete a pre-qualification questionnaire* which is designed to check the Supplier’s suitability. 

Typical questions relate to financial, past experience, health and safety, quality, environmental and modern slavery and are specifically drafted to meet the contract requirements. 

Suppliers shortlisted will then be issued with an Invitation to Tender. At NIE Networks, we use eSourcing NI to administer the opportunities. This is a free web-based site that allows documentation to be stored and transferred between NIE Networks and suppliers. It also contains links to other potential opportunities not tendered by NIE Networks.

The service works as follows:

  • Supplier responds to Notice by completing our pre-qualification questionnaire as directed
  • We shortlist potential suppliers to issue an Invitation to Tender.