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Have you recently installed a Low Carbon Technology?

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10 Feb 2023

NIE Networks is looking for anyone who has installed an electric car charger or heat pump who has not yet been in touch to contact them. 

NIE Networks is undertaking a process to identify connections made to the network for low carbon technologies such as electric car chargers or heat pumps.

Records show that in the last 18 months thousands of meters have changed their tariff to an Economy 7 or Electric Vehicle/Low Carbon Technology tariff.  NIE Networks have only been notified of a low carbon technology connection being made at approximately 25% of these properties.

It is important that NIE Networks are aware of any Low Carbon Technology on the network so they can invest in the network in the most effective manner and ensure connections are safe. 

There is no cost implication to customers.

As uptake of electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps increase, the network faces a significant rise in demand that was not envisaged when it was built.

NIE Networks is upgrading and transforming the network to ensure customers continue to receive a high quality electricity supply as demand grows.  To continue this work and target it effectively, the company needs to know where EV chargers and heat pumps are installed.

Anyone who has recently installed a low carbon technology, is asked to complete the owner notification form so NIE Networks can assess the implications for the network.

NIE Networks is fully committed to facilitating the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charge points on the electricity network and have developed an EV Drivers Guide.   This will assist electric vehicle owners and anyone purchasing an electric vehicle in understanding what they need to do to connect their charger.