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Investing For The Future

At NIE Networks, we believe that all of our customers deserve excellent service. Over the coming years we will be striving to deliver the following ten promises to you.

Our network promises for 2017-2024

  1. We will deliver £55 million of efficiency savings and decrease customer costs
  2. 90% of customers will have power restored within 3 hours
  3. All customers will have power restored within 18 hours. Excluding severe weather events.
  4. We will invest over £40 million every year to replace old or worn parts of the network
  5. Customer and employee safety is essential. We will spend £60 million to reduce risk of interference or vandalism to the network
  6. We are preparing for a low carbon future by trialling technologies that have the potential to further reduce costs in the long term.
  7. We will answer 93% calls within 20 seconds and improve digital services so that customers can choose how they want to talk with us.
  8. We will respond to 80% complaints within two days and 100% within five days
  9. We will continue to minimise the impact of our business on the environment
  10. We will continue to engage with and listen to the needs of our customers and stakeholders
Update On Our Business Plan

In 2017, we made ten promises to our customers which focused on their priorities for our business. Here's what we've been doing

Business Plan & Supporting Documents (2017-2024)

Read our business plan and some of the reports that helped the development process.

Stakeholder Engagement

Read more about our ongoing engagement with consumers and stakeholders