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A Future Network For All

NIE Networks agreed its last business plan with the Utility Regulator in 2016. The business plan set out how we would deliver our services to customers for the period 2017 – 2024 (RP6) and commitments we made to customers. You can find the relevant RP6 documents here.

Since then, we have engaged with stakeholders to ensure that they have their say in our plans for the period 2025 - 2031. By listening to stakeholders, we believe that we better understand what our customers expect and where they would like us to focus. We also believe we understand what the network needs to be able to do to meet customers' expectations and the challenges of a rapidly changing energy landscape.

Before we finalise these plans we would like customers to give feedback on our views of what the next business plan should deliver. Specifically we are keen to know if customers believe we are taking the right approach and have the right strategy to take us to 2031.

See a message from Derek Hynes, Managing Director NIE Networks and our consultation document. The consultation closes on 7th November 2022.

A Future Network For All

NIE Networks RP7 Price Control.
Our approach to planning for 2025-2031.

View RP7 Document

Reports associated with pre-consultation activity can be found here.

As we continue to prepare for the next regulatory period, 2024 – 2031, we will continue to seek stakeholder feedback and we will be asking if our plans are appropriate, if there are other issues to consider and if our scale of ambition is appropriate.

RP6 Business Plan & Supporting Documents

Learn more about the executive summary of our RP6 business plan that runs from 2017-2024.

RP6 Business Plan