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Project Summary:

Innovate UK has supported new plans to bring the first ever ‘micro-grid’ to Northern Ireland. This will be the first project of its kind in Northern Ireland and will offer businesses and customers on the North Coast the opportunity to access clean energy.

The ‘micro-grid’ works by combining Northern Ireland’s expertise in power engineering, fintech and big data. Behind this exciting new project is ‘Girona Energy Limited’, a consortium created by Poweron Technologies Limited and GES group.

NIE Networks has been supporting the ‘Smart Grid’ project through exploring the impact the technologies will have on the electricity distribution network in Northern Ireland. Ian Bailie, Network Development Manager for NIE Networks, said;

“We are delighted to see the Smart Grid project receive further support and it’s been a privilege to have played such a critical role from the start in such an innovative project. Our Future Networks team has been assessing the impacts the deployed technologies will have on the electricity network and analysing that data to shape how the final technology will operate. This project will enable domestic customers to have a meaningful impact on the network and transform the future of energy generation and consumption in Northern Ireland.”

Use the link below to learn more about the Girona project:

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