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Process For Connecting New LCT’s & Associated Forms

The process is maintained and governed by ENA’s Low Carbon Technologies Working Group. This group contains representatives of all UK transmission and distribution electricity networks and meets regularly with industry, BEIS and Ofgem to discuss issues and agree on strategies and processes for Low Carbon Technologies that connect to the electricity networks. For further information on the role of the ENA and additional information on LCT’s, please visit their Electric Vehicle and Heat pumps page.

We have created a combined flowchart illustrating the revised connection process for both Electric Vehicles and Heat Pumps, and it can be found here. To assist with the technical details associated with Heat pumps, that are necessary for the connection process, a database of Heat Pumps has been created and can be found on the ENA website. Please note that air-conditioning units are considered a form of heat pump and therefore the same process applies.

An installer can use this database to cross-reference their device(s) to determine whether they can ‘Connect & Notify’ to NIE Networks or ‘Apply to Connect’. Installers and manufacturers which have devices which are not currently included in the database may send details of the device to the ENA for inclusion. The ENA will be updating this database in the future to a more digital platform where manufacturers and installers can input their Heat Pump information, to be verified by ENA Members.

It should be noted that:

  • The position remains that NIE Networks will never refuse a connection, however, works may be required to ensure the connection is fit for purpose
  • If the connection of an EV Charger or Heat Pump at a residential property would give a new maximum demand greater than 60A and less than or equal to 80A, then the installer must apply for a connection prior to installation by filling in the Notification Form mentioned below. NIE Networks will assess the supply capacity within 10 working days.

For commercial properties, please follow the flowchart attached below.

To assist the installer with notifying NIE Networks of new LCT equipment, we have created a combined application form for Heat Pumps and Electric Vehicles. This has been aligned with the aforementioned process and should allow consistency of application to NIE Networks across Low Carbon Technologies. Note, the form is the same whether the installation is a 'Connect and Notify' or 'Apply to Connect'. This form can be found on our webpage here. Alternatively, a Multiple Installations Form can be found here.

You must email the completed form to

If remedial work is required by NIE Networks, the time taken to carry out this work will vary depending on the nature of the upgrade required to deliver an adequate supply to the premises being assessed. Each connection is different, so the premises and network must be assessed before providing an estimated time of delivery.

Flow Diagram Notification Form Multiple Installations Form