G83 process - single installation

1. Fit and inform

   G83 Stage 1 Pack

Download and submit a stage 1 commissioning application pack. Your installer then installs and commissions the renewable generator.

Register generator connection   
The installer of your generating unit must register the installation of the generator at or before the time the generator is commissioned. 

2. Submit documentation

Complete your commissioning application pack and submit by post within 30 days of the date of commissioning so that we can register your installation and arrange to fit an import/export meter. Please include the following information:

  • Small scale embedded generator installation (G83 commissioning form) commissioning confirmation
  • A schematic diagram (single line drawing) of the microgeneration scheme installed from the inverter to the meter
  • G83/1 Certification for the inverters used each time.

3. Changing your electricity meter

Once we have received your application and checked all of the information, we will arrange the installation of an import/export electricity meter, if required.

An import/export meter records the electricity units being exported to the grid. This process can take up to four weeks.

4. Choosing a supplier

You will need to agree a purchase contract with an export supplier to sell your electricity units. Please note: you may have two electricity suppliers – you may buy electricity from one supplier and sell or export electricity to another supplier.

NIE Networks has no involvement in the purchase contract agreement – your chosen export electricity supplier will provide this information. It will be your responsibility to provide export meter readings to your export supplier.

For more information on electricity suppliers operating in Northern Ireland, you may wish to consult the Utility Regulator or the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland [links open in a new window].

The purchase agreement with your chosen electricity supplier will only come into effect after this import/export meter has been installed.

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