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Change to design standard for new domestic connections

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10 Oct 2023

NIE Networks is introducing a new design standard for domestic connections to the network following a consultation earlier this year.

Previously, when customers requested to connect to the network it was designed and equipped to facilitate that.  While that still is the case to an extent, the demand on the network is much higher than before and this is likely to increase with a net zero future ahead. 

As more people adopt low carbon technologies, such as heat pumps and electric vehicles, demand on the network increases.  In the past this has meant that the network needed costly upgrades to be able to facilitate the low carbon technology wishing to connect.

Earlier this year NIE Networks launched a consultation to seek views on how best to accommodate the future installation of Electric Vehicle chargers and heat pumps. 

Feedback suggested that there was broad support to NIE Networks designing new connections that are capable of supporting a higher capacity.  In some cases, this will increase the cost (associated with assets) for customers connecting for the first time, however, as the work is carried out at the time of the new connections it avoids costly upgrade works and associated local disruption. 

The new design standard will come into effect on 1st November 2023 and will ensure the network is future proofed for a net zero future.