Our tree cutting programme

NIE's tree cutting teamAt Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), we have dedicated teams of tree cutters who patrol and clear vegetation from over 7,000 kilometres of overhead power lines every year. This helps to protect public safety and to prevent power cuts.

As the majority of our overhead electricity lines are located on private land, we talk to over 20,000 landowners annually.

Find out more information on important safety advice for tree cutting.


Tree trimming

Our tree cutters and contractors work in accordance with recognised and approved principles of modern tree surgery.  Our team gives full consideration to the tree’s health, natural shape and growth rates before determining the level of cut required:

  • Tree branches or limbs are carefully cut back so that no stub remains.
  • Large saw cuts are made as carefully as possible to allow trees to heal quickly.

The amount of clearance to be obtained is determined primarily by the position of the tree in relation to the overhead line, and consideration is also given to the rate of growth and species of tree. Read more about important safety clearances for tree cutting.

Care is taken at all times to leave the landowner's property as tidy as possible upon completion of the work. 


Tree removal

In some cases, where trimming is not enough to achieve an adequate clearance from the electricity line, a tree may need to be removed completely. This may be necessary when a tree is: 

  1. diseased, dying or dead and would pose a potential hazard to overhead power lines;
  2. unsightly even after proper and necessary trimming;
  3. small and will require trimming in the future;
  4. fast growing and directly under a power line.

Find out more about more about our tree cutting team.

If you have any queries about our tree cutting programme, please contact us.

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