Jodie Sinclair - Digital Cartographer

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to travel as much as possible, I love visiting new places. I'm originally from Scotland so I love going home to visit my family and I enjoy watching snooker.

What does a Digital Cartographer do?

My role is to update and maintain the NIE Networks' mapping systems. These systems show maps of the electricity network, such as underground cables, overhead lines, substations etc.

Describe a normal working day?

A normal day involves digitising, interpreting and updating maps on the NIE Networks' systems. Before work can be carried out on the electricity network a planning engineer will provide a drawing. It is my responsibility to digitise and accurately record these drawings to ensure our electricity network plans are up to date for future network planning, safety reasons and to ensure we can locate faults accurately.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy knowing that each update I make to the system is making it more valuable with richer information for all of my colleagues. I also enjoy the investigational aspect of my job using Google Maps and Spatial NI.

How did you become a Digital Cartographer?

I've always had a passion for physical Geography and chose to study this subject at the University of Glasgow. Whilst studying here I studied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and not only did I really enjoy it but I could see its importance in today's society. GIS is a growing area that is becoming more and more critical.


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