Generation Consultation - call for evidence

The implementation of the Alternative Connection Application and Offer Process has facilitated the release of remaining network capacity, to a level of circa 285 MW (including that at existing cluster locations). 

With network capacity exhausted and the absence of additional energy policy drivers that might permit an economic case to be made by NIE Networks or SONI, for future network investment, SONI and NIE Networks are seeking input from industry on a way forward for generation connections.

Following a workshop on 18 August and a Call for Evidence released on 12 October, SONI and NIE Networks have published the Consultation on Connecting Further Generation in Northern Ireland.  We would invite interested parties to respond.

Responses should be sent electronically to and by 4pm on Friday 9th March 2018. 

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The previous Call for Evidence October 2017 document can be found here.

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