Small & Large Scale (G59) 

With over 1,550 MW of renewable generation now connected to the electricity network and c250 MW committed to connect, any potential new applicant should be aware of the current situation regarding new generation applications and the timescales that may be involved.

From 18 May 2018, the application process for all G59 generation applicants is outlined in the following paper:
Generation Distribution Connection Application & Offer Process Statement

Please refer to the following policy on export limitation devices for all Overinstall, Limited or Zero Export Projects: Technical Requirements for Customer Export Limiting Schemes (Based on G100)
For information on Overinstall limits, please refer to: Alternative Connection Application and Offer Process Proposal

The majority of remaining transmission capacity has now been allocated, please refer to the Cluster status update for information on where limited capacity may remain on the network.

Please note that any changes to an exisiting generation site will require the total site to comply with all current standards of the Distribution Code. You may wish to refer to the Distribution Code prior to submitting an application in order to ensure that any existing equipment is capable of compliance or to assess what upgrades may be required to your equipment. Upgrades to the Network may also be required if the current installation was installed under a previous version of the Distribution Code that, for example, would have had a lesser reactive power requirement.

The following information is necessary to enable NIE Networks to consider and design a connection for any new generation connection application.

Did you know you have a choice?

You can choose to select an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to undertake the ‘contestable’ work required for your connection. 

‚Äč   G59 Application Form - Part A

   G59 Application Form - Part B

Generation cluster substations

NIE Networks has identified seven cluster substations around Northern Ireland. These are located in areas of concentration of wind farm applications.

Information on clusters   

Generation within a commercial high voltage supply

All generation which could export onto the network will be required to comply with the Distribution Code and be tested.

More information on Wind Farm Power Stations connecting to the Northern Ireland Transmission and Distribution System is available by downloading the WFPS Settings Schedule [2.8MB PDF]

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