Connections for generation

Installing a wind turbine, solar panel or connecting a wind farm? At Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) we have connected over 1GW of renewable energy to the electricity network, facilitating a range of micro, small or large scale generators.  

info-icon_web-03.pngBefore you apply, read the latest updates about Small Scale and Large Scale generation connections

info-icon_web-03.pngYour quotation will be based on the costs outlined in our Statement of Charges [PDF Format, 1.2MB].

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For connections up to 3.68kW (single phase) and up to 11.04kW (three phase)

Small scale generation

For G59 connections from 3.69 to 20kW (single phase) and from 11.05kW to 5MW (three phase)

Large scale

For projects with total installed generation capacity of 5MW or greater