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Dependent on business need, we recruit apprentices for the following disciplines:

  1. Cable jointers - install, connect and repair high and low voltage underground power cables. The design and construction of these cables is specialised and to work on them you will require a higher skill level than is needed for cables in the general electrical contracting industries.
  2. Overhead lines persons - are responsible for the construction, maintenance and refurbishment of the distribution and transmission overhead line network, including tree cutting.
  3. Tree cutters - are responsible for the vegetation and tree management programme on our 32,000 kilometres of overhead line network.
  4. Plant maintenance electricians - are responsible for the installation and maintenance of high voltage substations, transformers, switch gear and protection systems that facilitate the delivery of power between our transmission and distribution networks and the customer.
  5. Meter operatives - have excellent communication skills and work closely with customers to install and maintain electrical connections and meters.  This requires an in-depth knowledge of both the domestic (home) and commercial electricity systems.
  6. Planners - coordinate the job from the initial customer request for supply, through the design, costing and have an overview of the construction work by the craft teams. They are the key customer contact point throughout the lifespan of the job.  
  7. Wayleave officers - have excellent communication skills and make it possible to install electricity equipment on privately owned land by working with landowners to negotiate wayleave agreements and leases. 
  8. Surveyors - are required to go out on site when new network is being built or re-built.  They check the network design and confirm that the plan will work.  One of the main tasks of our surveyors is to make sure that the network plans are compliant with all safety and environmental legislations.

Safety is our number priority for all of our apprentice disciplines.  Learn more about  safety here.


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