Small & Large Scale (G59) 

With over 1,000 MW of renewable generation now connected to the electricity network and in excess of a further 1,400 MW in the generation connection queue, any potential new applicants should be aware of the current situation regarding new generation applications and the timescales that may be involved.

The new application process for all G59 generation applicants is outlined in the following consultation paper: Alternative Connection Application and Offer Process Proposal

The majority of phase 1 capacity outlined in the paper has now been allocated and any new applicants should be aware that they are likely to enter what is described as phase 2.

The following information is necessary to enable NIE Networks to consider and design a connection for any new generation connection application.

  • Complete Part A Customer Correspondence and high level details form (see links below for Small and Large Scale)
  • Complete Part B Technical Details form (ENA format)  (see links below)
  • Single line diagram (including reverse power relay and control methodology for zero/limited export applications)
  • Site plan with clearly identified site boundary
  • Technical specification for generator/storage device
  • Appropriate connection application fee 


Small scale application <5MW

For customers registering for single generator connections in the range of 3.69 kW to 20 kW single phase and 11.05 kW to 5 MW three phase, please download and complete both forms: 

   SSG Application Form - Part A

   SSG Application Form - Part B

Large scale application ≥5MW

If your connection is 5MW or larger, you now have the choice to ask an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to undertake the ‘contestable’ work required for your connection.  Read more here.

   LSG Application Form - Part A

   LSG Application Form - Part B

Generation cluster substations

NIE Networks has identified seven cluster substations around Northern Ireland. These are located in areas of concentration of wind farm applications.

Information on clusters   

Generation within a commercial high voltage supply

All generation which could export onto the network will be required to comply with the Distribution Code [1.36MB PDF] and be tested.

More information on Wind Farm Power Stations connecting to the Northern Ireland Transmission and Distribution System is available by downloading the WFPS Settings Schedule [2.8MB PDF]

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