Who can do the work?

When choosing an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to build the contestable elements of your connection, it is essential that you choose an ICP that is accredited to perform connection works in Northern Ireland

What is an Independent Connections Provider (ICP)?

An Independent Connections Provider (ICP) is a company accredited under the Lloyds Register National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) [link opens in a new window] to build electricity networks to the specification and quality required for them to be adopted and then maintained by NIE Networks. The NERS scheme is operated by Lloyd’s Register. Get a full list of ICPs accredited to provide connection services in Northern Ireland [link opens in a new window].

NIE Networks cannot provide advice or assistance in the appointment of an ICP. When you are choosing an ICP, you should ensure that they are accredited to carry out all of the Contestable Works applicable to your connection. ICPs can apply for accreditation for different types of work under the NERS scheme, and companies will differ in the types of work they are accredited to perform. A summary of the works each ICP is accredited to perform can be found on the NERS website [link opens in a new window]

For example, if you are looking for a new underground cable connection to a domestic dwelling you should check that the ICP delivers that type of connection. An ICP must adhere to NIE Networks’ policies and technical specifications when completing the Contestable Works.

Accredited ICPs are able to access our policies and specifications through our ICP Portal. If the contestable elements of your connection are constructed satisfactorily, according to NIE Networks’ policies and specifications, then NIE Networks will adopt, and take responsibility for the maintenance of the assets once the connection has been successfully energised.

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