Meter Replacement Programme

Have you received a meter replacement notice?

As part of our network investment plans at Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), we are upgrading meters across Northern Ireland. In 2016 we changed 100 000 meters which had reached the end of their recommended lifespan, and and we aim to replace a further 100 000 meters by the end of 2017. View our short video on the programme here.


We are changing both periodic billing and prepayment keypad meters.  There are a number of differenct types and models of meters to be replaced.  All meters that do not have a certification sticker on them need to be replaced.  Our contractors MDE Installations and KJM Electrical will be changing periodic billing meters on our behalf.

ROL Testing is carrying out the keypad meter replacement programme on our behalf.  To check if you may be affected, look at the identification number on your meter. If you have a keypad meter and the meter number starts with KA, KB or KD it will be replaced by end of 2017. We are also changing some meters which start with KC and KG this year.  

Who is carrying out the work?

Our contractors – KJM Electrical, ROL Testing and MDE Installations – will be carrying out this work on our behalf. All meter installers have completed comprehensive training and are fully qualified electricians.

If your meter is in scope for replacement, our contractors will visit your premises and either change the meter if it is convenient or leave a card with a contact number, which allows you to make an appointment to replace your meter at a time that suits you. 


How do I know they are working on behalf of NIE?

All employees or contractors working on behalf of NIE Networks will carry identification, wear identifiable uniforms and drive marked vehicles. If you are unsure or would like to ask us a question, please contact us or get in touch by calling our customer helpline on 03457 643 643.

More information - Customer FAQs

You will find more information on how these changes will affect you by choosing the type of meter you have:

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