Bogus callers

NIE Networks' staff and anyone working on our behalf including tree cutters, meter readers, engineers and meter replacement contractors will always carry proof of identification. Never let anyone into your house without first seeing proper ID.

Anyone working on our behalf will carry an official identification pass, marked with their name and company logo. Home or business owners should always ask to see this ID card before allowing entry. We take the safety of our customers very seriously. 

When calling to a customer's home, all our staff and anyone working on our behalf expect to be asked for ID, so please don’t be embarrassed to check.

What should you do if someone calls to your door?

  1. Always ask the caller for their ID and check it carefully
  2. If you have any concerns, ask them to wait outside and close the door until you have checked their ID
  3. Do not let anyone into your home until you have carried out these checks 
  4. You can call NIE Networks on 03457 643643 to check if the caller is genuine.
  5. Alternatively, you can call the PSNI’s Quick Check scheme on 0800 0132290

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