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Applications process

Submit an application form

Download an application form and submit including the attachments outlined in the checklist on page 1. It may delay your application if we don’t receive all this information.


We will provide you with a formal quotation that will be valid for 90 days, after which time the quote will expire. If we need to re-issue a quote the costs may increase. Your quotation will be based on the costs outlined in our statement of charges.

Accept terms & payment 

We want to progress your connection at the earliest possible opportunity and we would recommend that you return your acceptance of terms to us at your earliest convenience. You should sign the acceptance of terms and provide payment, if applicable (we can accept BankTransfer (BACs) and cheque). We can only start work once full payment is received.

Site visit & survey

Site visits are usually carried out within 7-10 working days.  If your new connection is over 200 metres from the nearest point of connection a full site survey will be required which may take up to 3 months. 

Watch our short video about how we plan and design your connection.

Third party consents

If your connections requires electricity equipment to be sited on other people’s land, we will need to get the permission of the landowner or government bodies before we can proceed. This can sometimes take up to 9 months and we may need to requote for your job.

Learn more about our Wayleave and Legalities process for gaining consents.

Register with a supplier

For housing developments your home owner will need to select a domestic electricity supplier who will bill them for their energy usage. For business developments you will need to select a commercial electricity supplier. NIE Networks does not provide this service. 

On-site construction 

Once we’ve received full payment we will contact you to agree a date to start your work. Please prepare your site according to the design agreed and ensure your electrician’s work is complete. If your supply requires NIE Networks to carry out the excavation we will normally do so 1-2 days prior to connecting your meter.

Watch our short Construction video for advice on preparing your site. 

Complete and return your connection card

Download a connection card, get your electrician to fill in the details, and submit to us by email. You will need a card for each individual unit. This card certifies that the electrical work within the premises complies with the current appropriate electricity standards regulations. It should be completed and signed by your electrical contractor. 

Connecting your meter

Once you have registered with an electricity supplier and submitted your connection card to us, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to complete the installation of your meter.

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