Meet Kelly Frizzell - Apprentice Surveyor

Describe a normal working day:

A normal working day would start with meeting my mentor in my designated depot at 8.30am. We would either go out to meet customers or landowners to discuss routes and carryout surveys, or we would be in the office putting together a field file for a job we have already surveyed. I finish up at 4.30pm.

Describe your role:

I work in the Connections Business providing new supplies to Domestic and Commercial customers, as well as planning alterations to the existing network. While on site, we will mark out new and existing overhead lines to collect data. This allows us to design and alter them when back in the office.  We then put a field file together and pass this forward to the planner so that the work can be arranged.

How did you find the application process:

I found the application process daunting at first as I knew there were many applicants in for the job, but each time I received a letter informing me that I had passed through to the next stage I began to get excited.

Any advice for someone considering applying for the apprenticeship:

I would definitely recommend applying for the apprenticeship. NIE Networks offers an excellent apprenticeship scheme that not only gives you a great insight into all aspects of the company but it also provides high quality training to prepare you for the field you will be working in. As well as this you are gaining a qualification which will benefit anyone who wants to explore the many career opportunities within the company.

Best bit of the job so far:

The best bit about my job is the variety. One week I could be working in Newry on a low voltage job and the next week I could be in Enniskillen planning routes for Small Scale Generation. I love that there is a good mixture of office work and being out on site so I am not tied to a particular routine and get to meet new people all the time.

I also loved the start of the apprenticeship as we got to see all aspects of the business. We were given the opportunity to try out each of the different disciplines within the company. I found the underground cable jointing most enjoyable. We then spent some time going out with overhead lines and underground cable jointing teams. This gave me a better understanding of the network and helps me in my every day choices when putting jobs together.

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