Power cuts: faults and outages

Severe weather, vandalism, third party damage and other events can affect the electricity network and leave you without power.

At Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), we try to minimise this network damage through our maintenance, refurbishment, tree cutting programmes and our public safety campaigns.

Our teams work 24 hours a day to ensure that if there is a power cut it is resolved as quickly as possible.

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Check for power cuts

If you want to check that we know about your power cut, or want to know when your power will be back on, visit our Powercheck page >

Report a power cut

If your lights are off or flickering we want to know. The sooner you tell us, the sooner we can respond. Report a power cut now >

Planned power cuts

Our ongoing maintainence and upgrade programmes mean we sometimes have to cut electricity supplies to work on the network. Learn more >